ZERO Token, the only token without secrets

ZERO Token, no product, no value, no meaning, just our token for your hard earned money

ZERO Token, next steep in ICO Evolution

As ICO situation is escalating every day with more absurd ICOs coming out, we decided to offer you ZERO token, with exactly the same value as majority of other tokens. On the other hand our token is actually a very good investment because it can't lose value as fiat, gold or other crypto currency does. ZERO is ERC20 token, so you can send it, hold it .... Well, that's pretty much all you can do. Perhaps some day it will be listed on big exchange and then you could sell it.

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Our Team

572e422e - Advisor

I strongly encourage you to buy this token, it is a solid project with an experienced development team and has all my support.

502e462e - Programmer

Our programmer has years of experiences in HTML, he recently read Solidity for Dummies. He is ready to write quality contracts in Solidity.

412e462e - Media coverage

Use Facebook and Twitter all day, likes to talk to strangers on the street. She is perfect for our PR.


We set up our ICO page in Wordpress. I think this is secure enough, there is no way a site get hacked! After all, big ICOs with multi milion $ market cap use Wordpress.

Token value

Zero token has no value, no product and no meaning. If ICO succeed, we will try to list it on exchange. We would use part of contributions to pump and manipulate the price on exchange, so you will be able to make a lot of money selling ZEROs to other investors, don't forget to tell them to HODL.


We don't have Whitepaper or a roadmap. Actually, we don't need them because we promise you nothing.

Our Experience

Our team is one of the best out there. I have learned about blockchain on YouTube watching videos. I feel I am experienced enough for a big project that will bring great changes to society and our life. You can't even imagine the impact of this project, at least I can't... anyway just buy ZERO token.

Escrow service, refund?

We don't use an escrow service. If we would we couldn't spend your money for our holidays then.

Wait a second, why are you even thinking about refunds? It is our money, so no refunds, you got your ZEROs.

ZERO Token

Technical Specifications
Name: ZERO Ethereum Token, ZERO
Decimals: 18
ZEROs created: 10,000 for 1 ETH in crowdsale
ZERO ICO goal: 400 ETH

Crowdsale live till 30.08.2017

ETH DEPOSIT ADDRESS: 0x3686986e559f257CfAccB44F17af5b245E45814F Etherscanner Link

1 ETH = 10,000 ZEROs.

for 0.01 ETH you get 100 ZEROs
for 0.1 ETH you get 1,000 ZEROs
for 1.0 ETH you get 10,000 ZEROs

ICO goal: 400 ETH
Crowdsale duration: till 30. Avgust


200,000 ZEROs for Twitter, Facebook, Steemit... contributions (will be divided among all contributors)


Is this real ICO or scam? ZERO token is real ICO with real tokens.
How many tokens are going to be created? For each ETH contributed there will be 10,000 ZERO tokens created, if ICO get 100 ETH there will be 1M tokens created.
What can we do with ZERO tokens? ZERO is ERC20 ETH token, so you can send it, hold it, if ICO secceed, we will try to list it on exchange, so you will be able to sell it.
What is the purpose of this ICO? Perhaps it is a social experiment, or it is the next step in ICO evolution.

P.S.: Please do yourself a favor and consider twice before buying this or any other token!

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